How To Connect Phone To TV Wirelessly Without WiFi

We all usually connect our digital devices to our TVs, to share or watch content on the big television screen. There are many ways to do it, but here we will discuss How To Connect Phone To TV Wirelessly Without WiFi. Here, we will mention ways that will not require any type of wire. 

Usually, there are different types of wires to connect your TV with some external devices like phones, laptops, or Nintendo Wii. But, here you will find methods for wireless connection.

The major reason for which you want to connect your phone to your TV is to watch something on the bigger screen. But, these are the days of smart TVs and they have almost every application (depending on which brand you have).

So, the question is what is the need to connect your phone now?

And, the most common reason to do that is all these smart TVs in order to watch something from the applications Like Netflix, Hulu, Fubo TV, etc. you need a WiFi connection(good internet connection).

Without this, there will be no fun. So, if you do not have access to WiFi or any other reason to connect your phone to TV, read the complete article.

How To Connect Phone To TV Wirelessly Without WiFi


There are basically two ways to connect your phone without WiFi, these are screencasting and screen mirroring. However, these two may seem like the same thing to you, there are main differences between them.

In screen mirroring, you will share all of the contents and movements of one device to another, while in screencasting you can play videos/music, etc. on the other display and use your device at the same time. Mirroring is the exact sharing of the screens and casting is not. You can use your device for another purpose also while casting.

For both ways, all you require is a hotspot, which you can easily create with your smartphone.

Apart from these, you may also use casting devices like Google Chromecast, it is quite easy to set up and very fast too in terms of connection.

Using Google Chromecast

To set up this device, plug it in your TV’s HDMI port and also connect it with the power source from another end. Now, set up a hotspot from any mobile device(which will act as the router).

You also, need to install Google Home on the smartphone(the one you want to connect with TV). Connect this smartphone with the hotspot connection and with the help of Google Home, select the Chromecast from the list of devices available in the app.

Now, use the Mirror Device option and then select Cast Screen/Audio from there.

Screen Mirroring

If WiFi is not available but your smart TV supports the option of mirroring, it is possible to connect your phone to your smart TV.

Just follow these options:-

  • Make sure your TV should support this mirroring feature.
  • Open screen mirroring from both your phone and smart TV.

Now, just select your TV from the list of the device(s) showing on your smartphone, and that’s it.

Screen Casting

As discussed above, it is quite different from mirroring. There are many apps that support these casting features. Applications like YouTube, Netflix, etc. have this feature to cast that particular piece of information(videos mostly).

Casting screens on smart TVs like VIZIO etc is quite easy as it provides a SmartCast feature for this, but you can also connect it in many other ways.

You may have noticed a special cast button on many streaming platforms(just above and in the right/left corner of the videos).

All you have to do is to click on that cast button while playing a video on your device and then select your TV(turn on the casting feature on your TV set) and that’s it.

Wrapping Up:-

Now, in the end, I hope you are now aware of how to connect phone to tv wirelessly without wifi and will be able to do it by yourself. In case of any issue or query regarding this article, please reach out to this website and post it in the comment section below.

You may also suggest if you have any other ways to connect your phone tour TV set wirelessly without WiFi in the comment section.

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