How To Cancel Philo Free Trial

Talking about streaming services, Philo TV is new in the game. But, this platform is on the rise and due to its affordable prices. It offers a free trial for the service, anyone can opt for it and after that, if you think about How To Cancel Philo Free Trial you are at the right place.

That is one of the good things about the Philo, that they let you cancel your free trial anytime you want.

As many of us go for online content rather than conventional television content, they should definitely give it a try and if you do not like the content or prefer TV content then also you should give it a try and you are free to cancel the subscription anytime.

If you are opting for the subscription of Philo TV, you will get access to around 61 famous TV channels including BBC, Aspire, AMC, Animal Planet, etc.

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There will be one thing in your mind that why you go for Philo TV when you have so many other options.

Philo tv is platform compatible, which means you can access your account on your Computer, Android, Android TV, Roku, Apple Tv, and Fire TV devices.

So, before talking about How To Cancel Philo Free Trial, first I am going to discuss Philo Free Trial.

Because taking the subscription is quite easy and economical as compared to other services.

However, when compared to a few other services which are mentioned later in this article, the price of Philo may be higher but you will get a lot of content in comparison to those.

So, decide for yourself, and if you have already tried it just move to the second heading directly.

Read on to get all the information regarding Philo TV free trial, and if you have already tried it and just want to know How Do I Cancel Philo TV, skip the first heading.

How To Get Philo Free Trial


[UPDATE:- Now You Need To Provide Your Credit Card Information During Subscription. You, Will, Get 7 Days Of Philo Free Trial]

For the signup, all the information that Philo TV needs or asks for is your name, contact, and email as simple as that. There is no need for credit card information for 48 hours till the time of your sign up.

Isn’t that interesting.

You can see in the above image that it will require what information before subscription. Once you provide these, your free trial of & days will begin and you will not be charged until it ends.

If after the free trial you just want to cancel it, you can do it with no hesitation. And if you like Philo TV you can continue the subscription after 7 days.

Because after 7 days this paid subscription will cost you $20 for a month, and you need to pay it to continue the service.

But keep one thing in mind, that if you forget to cancel the free trial Philo tv will auto-renew the subscription.

So, keep in mind the date of your signing up and cancel before that, otherwise Philo will renew it automatically.


There are some add-on channels also from Epix and STARZ which you will get during the time span of & days free trial. You can see them in the image above.

After that, it will cost you $6 per month for ePiX and $9 per month for STARZ.

This amount which you pay for Philo Subscription is a little high, you can also opt for other services like Redbox or Frndly TV which offer On-demand and live streaming options at a more economical price.

So, if you want to cancel Philo on the basis of Philo and looking for more economical streaming services give a try to the above services too.

How To Cancel Philo Free Trial


As I have mentioned earlier that, Philo does not notify you of the end date of your free trial, and you have to keep a check on that, otherwise they are going to deduct the money and auto-renew it.

You can renew or cancel the subscription anytime, no questions asked.


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Canceling the free trial of Philo tv online is very easy and listed below:-

  • Visit the Philo TV official website from any browser and sign up for your account which you have created for the free trial.
  • So, after signing in to your account, open your account page.
  • After scrolling down till the end of the page, you will find the option of ‘Cancel my Account’. Click on that option, and that’s it.

Now you have successfully canceled the free trial of Philo TV, without paying any charge. This method of cancellation also works for the regular subscription.

The aforesaid steps also work to cancel Philo on Roku, or any other streaming devices like Fire TV, etc.

But, you can also cancel it directly from your TV, regardless of what third-party streaming device you are using.

To do this, open the Philo app on your TV>Open account page>Select Cancel My Account.

Also, you can visit the account page of your streaming device and cancel it from there.

On visiting any of the above links, depending upon your respective device, sign in to your account of that service.

There you will see the subscription of Philo and the option to end the subscription too.

Select that option and you will be unsubscribed from the Philo.

For Apple users, you need to visit the app directly from your device and end the subscription from there or from the steps mentioned earlier(using web-browser).

There is no direct link like in the case of Roku and Amazon Fire TV, to cancel the subscription.

You can easily cancel your paid Philo TV account at any time and can still watch it till the end of your billing cycle.

Conclusion: Philo Free Trial

At the end of this article, all I can hope for is that you have understood the method for How to cancel Philo free trial.

This Philo TV may not work on most of the smart TVs, which is due to Geo-restriction.

For this, you can use VPN services, and most probably you will be able to access it.

Write down your experience with this article in the comment section below.

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