5 Best Shows On UP Faith And Family

There are some very popular and demanding shows that you can enjoy on UP Faith And Family, from that collection here are the 5 Best Shows On UP Faith And Family that you must try once.

It offers 14 days of free trial, which is quite a good thing.

There are ways with which you can watch your favorite shows on your TV right away, you should check them out.

These methods depend upon your mode of subscription and device you prefer to stream it on your TV.

You will find about the subscription fees there too, so check it out before moving forward.

After trying this free trial, you should either opt for the streaming service by subscribing to it monthly or yearly plans or you can easily cancel the plan.

The shows that are listed here have good IMDB ratings too, as most of us prefer this rating before picking up any show to stream.

So, pick your favorites and let me know in the comment section below your experiences and reviews.

5 Best Shows On UP Faith And Family

There are other shows too on this platform, and it doesn’t mean that other shows and movies are not good on this platform. The following collection of 5 shows are those ones which are very popular with some really good storylines.

Date My Dad


The basic story of this show revolves around Ricky Cooper, a former professional baseball player, who, years after the death of his wife Isabella, begins dating for the first time in twenty years.

In addition to this dating, he raises three of his daughters: Mirabel, Elisa, and Gigi.

This might be a good show to start with if you have recently purchased this subscription or opted for the free trial.

Mom P.I


This show is a 1990–92 Canadian television comedy-drama series which is basically about an optimist Sally Sullivan, a recently widowed mother of two supporting her family as a waitress in a working-class diner.

She talks her way into a job as assistant to Bernie Fox who is a grumpy, cynical private eye.

A very good show which shows the struggle of a mother in this world.

GOD Is At Work


This is an awesome show for god loving peoples, as this depicts the way in which God chooses an individual to do his own work.

“God Works In Mysterious Ways” is what this show is really upon.

Good religious content for any believer, who put faith in God and his mysterious ways.

Jason And The Argonauts


An epic saga of good and evil, the story of a mere boy Jason, the heir to the kingdom of Ancient Greece, who witnesses the murder of his father at the hands of his ruthless uncle, Pelias.

After narrowly escaping death, Jason flees his home and returns twenty years later to reclaim the throne.


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Pelias sentences him to death when he came to know about his arrival.

To save his life, Jason promises to deliver the most coveted gift of the gods to his uncle, the Golden Fleece.

Later Joined by the Argonauts, a crew of sailors, Jason embarks on a voyage to capture the Fleece and fulfill his destiny.

The direction is awesome and so is the story and acting.

Nancy Drew


Nancy Drew is a criminology student who loves solving mysteries with the help of her friends.

The longest-running series of books to feature Nancy Drew is the original Nancy Drew series, whose 175 volumes were published from 1930 to 2003.

Nancy also appeared in 124 titles in The Nancy Drew Files and then became the heroine of the Diaries series. Various other series features the character, such as the Nancy Drew Notebooks and Nancy Drew on Campus.

This is quite a famous character, who solves some very mysterious cases with her friends.

I think you will surely like it.

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