9 thoughts on “How To Cancel Frndly TV”

    • Hi Teresa,
      To cancel the subscription, based on the device you use, just simply follow the above steps. If you have tried doing that, please tell me at what step/point you are facing the issue.

  1. I do not want anymore 6.41 taken out of my account for frndly It was taken out on Oct 9 and I canceled frndly back in august 2020.

    • Hi Marie,
      Please contact Frndly TV support team regarding this, reach out to the given link-https://frndlytv.freshdesk.com/support/home.
      There you will find a support chat option, mention your case to them, only they can help you with this.
      You can also email them at support@frndlytv.com and include your name, account email address, and a detailed explanation of how they can help you.


  2. I have 2 Frndly accounts.
    I need to cancel the one we purchased last sunday for 80.00.

    The one we want to keep is the monthly payment one under Lloyd Tomberlin, (lloydtomberlin@gmail.com).

    The one I want to cancel is under Jeanie Tomberlin, (jeanietomberlin@gmail.com).

  3. I gave my friend my roku device. It has FrndlyTV on it but I had cancelled the subscription. She now wants to sign up but my information keeps coming up. How can we install FrndlyTV on this roku? Do we need to deinstalled and then reinstall?

    • Hi Janice,

      Try, removing the channel from Roku and then restart your Roku. Install Frndly TV again.
      Let me know if that helps or not.



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