9 thoughts on “How To Cancel Frndly TV”

    • Hi Teresa,
      To cancel the subscription, based on the device you use, just simply follow the above steps. If you have tried doing that, please tell me at what step/point you are facing the issue.

  1. I do not want anymore 6.41 taken out of my account for frndly It was taken out on Oct 9 and I canceled frndly back in august 2020.

    • Hi Marie,
      Please contact Frndly TV support team regarding this, reach out to the given link-https://frndlytv.freshdesk.com/support/home.
      There you will find a support chat option, mention your case to them, only they can help you with this.
      You can also email them at support@frndlytv.com and include your name, account email address, and a detailed explanation of how they can help you.


  2. I have 2 Frndly accounts.
    I need to cancel the one we purchased last sunday for 80.00.

    The one we want to keep is the monthly payment one under Lloyd Tomberlin, (lloydtomberlin@gmail.com).

    The one I want to cancel is under Jeanie Tomberlin, (jeanietomberlin@gmail.com).


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