How To Cancel NHL TV Subscription

NHL.TV has always been a great platform for Hockey fans, where they can enjoy the on-ice action and the sporting spirit right on their respective devices. NHL.TV offers live regular-season games that air in every market except for the one you are located in when you’re streaming, and if you are done with the service now you must be looking for How To Cancel NHL TV then.

You either have tried NHL. TV with your cable TV subscription or you has its subscription for online streaming. The price one pays for the online subscription is around $139 for a year and $24.99 per month.

Paying this much amount for the love of Hockey only is quite high, and those who are willing to pay it are not here.

If you’re interested in just one NHL team only, you might want to check out the single-team option that NHL.TV offers.

While this option limits the games you can watch one team only, it will also save you some money compared to the full-league option.

A single-team subscription to NHL.TV costs $109.99 per year. The monthly payment option is not available with a single-team package.

But, thinking rationally you can get a lot of content with this much amount.

So, to cancel NHL TV, just follow the simple methods listed here.

There is another service ESPN+ on which you can enjoy NHL along with other sports too, at half the price you pay here.

If you want sports along with the contents of Disney Plus and Hulu, you can opt for bundle plans offered by them, in which you will get access to the contents of 3 services at the most affordable price.

With this subscription to ESPN+, you not only save a lot of money but also get more content to watch, which is quite a good deal I must say.

So, now to get the process of unsubscribing from the service follow the below heading.

How To Cancel NHL TV Subscription


The process to cancel this service does not require any special tactic, there are ways provided by the service itself, which will lead you to unsubscription.

After cancellation, if you wish to opt for cable TV and subscribe to your favorite channels along with NHL.

You will still get to watch much content as compared to now. And, now you can watch your cable TV content anywhere anytime on any of your favorite devices, with the help of WatchTVEverywhere.

Now, to cancel NHL the first thing you need to do is to visit the official NHL.COM platform. There on the top right corner, you will see an account icon(near search icon), click on it.

Now, click on Login and sign in with your NHL credentials. You can see the required information in the image below.


After this head to the Account Settings, and look for the Cancel option, and click on it. There will be a brief process that leads you to cancellation.

You can also contact Customer Support by phone toll-free in the U.S. 800-559-2333 (US) (International Customers please call 1-585-736-3994) or email at to cancel the service.

Wrapping it up:-

A refund request is automatically submitted if you cancel within 5 days of your initial purchase.

For more queries regarding the billing process click here. There you will find all your issues regarding the refund policy and billing information too.


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Please let me know in the comment section below if you are able to cancel from the service or not, I will try my best to provide you help ASAP.

Now you are done with NHL TV cancel, and if you also like to watch Football and Wrestling kind of sport, you must check out Fubo TV and DAZN.

You should try them for once if you are really a true sports enthusiast and like to watch sport more as compared to other content.

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