How To Record Shows On Philo TV

Philo TV is one of the best video streaming platforms and has quite decent playback. The good thing is that you can use the same Philo account on three devices at the same time. Philo TV also has the feature for recording, by which you can simply record your favorite shows on it. To understand How To Record Shows On Philo TV simply read this full article.

Subscription of Philo is very economical, as you can use the same account on three different devices at the same time, so you can also share the subscription amount with your friends and family too.

Philo tv is compatible with devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, iOS, and Other android devices, or on any web browser of your computer, you just simply need a fast and reliable internet connection.

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One more thing, if you are streaming Philo on different devices at the same time(3 devices at a time), you must be connected with different networks or should opt for fast internet speed, around 50-60 Megabit per second.

Also, you can create up to 10 profiles on it.

Otherwise, for a single screen 5 to 10Mbit/sec will do the job.

This much speed prevents interruptions while streaming.

This recording feature comes with the base price of Philo and requires no other additional fee.

Philo has native DVR ability, which helps and lets you record so many shows, to watch them later.

After recording, Philo lets you save your show for 30 days only, which I think is the drawback. But, with this price, it is a good option.

This recording feature works with devices like Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, etc. so you need not worry about How To Record Shows On Philo TV on firestick, etc.

How To Record On Philo


Philo offers 20 hours of DVR space to its subscribers, which is quite appreciable. As, when binge-watching you need not depend on the internet speed at that particular period of time.

You can simply record the season in one go, and then watch it whenever you want it(within 30 days).

But, you need to be a regular subscriber of Philo then.

This guide is a generalized one, as Philo TV works the same on all the streaming devices, there is no need to individually explain different devices. Use the following methods they will surely work.

Step-1) You first need to login to your Philo account and reach out for the GUIDE option and click on it.

Step-2) Search for the show you want to record on your Philo account and click on it.

Step-3) Now just by simply clicking on the plus(+) sign you can start the recording, and stop the recording again click on the plus(+) sign.

Just like that.

You have recorded your favorite show for later, you can do this for the multiple shows you like to watch later on.

And, if you like sports and stream sports more often on your TV, check out ESPN Plus and also how to cancel an ESPN+ subscription, if you don’t like it.

Similarly, there are more services like Fubo TV and DAZN which also provide sports content.

Philo TV lets you watch the recorded shows with your choice, you can watch recorded shows many times or in parts too, all of this and without a single ad.

Now that you have recorded the show, keep in mind that you only have 30 days to watch it, after this recorded show will be gone automatically and you have to save it again or stream it.

I think 30 days are too much to finish any individual show.


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Now there is one thing more on Philo that you will definitely like, which is, you can also record upcoming future shows on Philo too. Keep on reading for the methods.

How To Record Upcoming(Future) Shows On Philo TV

This Philo is quite smart, so you can use its recording for the upcoming future shows, it will record automatically.

With this feature, you can record not only the upcoming new shows on Philo but also the upcoming reruns of some old shows of your like and can watch them in the next 30 days.

Follow the following methods to get this done.

Step-1) Simply login first into your Philo TV account on any of your preferred devices.

Step-2) Search for the shows, be it the upcoming new one or the upcoming reruns of any old show. In two weeks’ advance, you can see the schedule of the upcoming show.

Step-3) There will be two options Record New and Record All. Select as per your choice. With Record New, you can record every upcoming future shows on Philo, and Record All will record all upcoming reruns.

That’s it, your show is now recording mode, you will be able to see the red record sign on the show.

Now when the episodes of the show will be aired it will get automatically recorded and you can watch them in the next 30 days. As this process of automatic deletion of the recorded shows cannot be changed, so watch your shows before they get deleted permanently from the recorded videos section.

There is a backup plan for those who are forgetful and forgot to record the upcoming show in advance. Chill out, you can still watch them. Philo TV comes with the rewind option that lets you watch anything aired in the past three days.

Do rewind, pause, or fast forward of your recorded and on-demand shows whenever you want.

So, with the aforesaid steps, I hope you now understand How To Record On Philo. and now you need to know the steps to watch the recorded shows and delete them(if you want)  as I already mentioned you have unlimited DVR space on Philo.

How To Watch Or Delete Recorded Shows On Philo TV


After recording, episodes of the shows will be available in the saved library. There is a Saved option right on the home page of the Philo TV. Just click on it and select your show to watch them.

The videos you have saved have the DVR tag on them, you can watch them within 30 days from the date of their recording.

You need not worry about deleting the recorded shows because Philo offers unlimited storage options to record as much as videos, and also it automatically deletes in the next 30 days. So, why even bother to delete if Philo is doing it for you from the oldest to newest.

But make sure to watch your recorded show within 30 days otherwise, you have to record it again.

Just watch your recorded shows, and record many more and finish them on time. Philo will take care of them after 30 days.

As I have already mentioned that you only get 20 hours of recording space, which is quite small if you are a heavy binger and watch so many shows.

But, it is much for one season or two of your favorite show, to get recorded at a time.

With the features of fast-forwarding and rewind, you can watch your shows more efficiently.

Wrapping Up:

With the above-mentioned detailed guide, I hope you now understood How To Record Shows On Philo TV. With these easy methods, you know How To Watch Or Delete Recorded Shows On Philo TV and How To Record Upcoming(Future) Shows On Philo TV.

You can use this method of recording shows on Philo on your respective devices like Firestick, Roku, etc. Philo TV works fine on all.

Follow these methods, and let us know in the comment section below. If you have some other queries regarding Philo TV let us know.

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