Best LG Smart Tv Apps list

Smart TVs have been around a while now, and as we know they are surrounded by many advanced features, most of them packed with a powerful Operating System that allows you to stream favorite TV serials, movies, sports shows, etc. So, here is the Best LG Smart TV Apps list for you.

It even gives you an option to surf the web directly on the Television.

As per my knowledge, LG Smart TV is one of the best product, it comes with improved Web OS and excellent picture quality.

That’s why here in this post we are going to share some of the best  “LG smart TV apps which you should install right now

Note: Some of the apps may not be available or working in your Country due to Geo restriction, so just try another one.

Best LG Smart TV Apps List :

1. Amazon Video


Amazon prime video secures the first position on the list, It offers a massive amount of on-demand content.

It is better known for its high-quality streaming, clean and clutter-free interface.

You just need a subscription to catch up on all the content on a big display of LG Smart TV.

2. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services that offer some great exclusive content including TV shows, movies, and Netflix original series ( worth watching ).

You just need to install the application and enter login credentials to enjoy all the benefits, its interface is pretty simple and easy to use.

3. Spotify


Without any doubt, Spotify is one of the best music streaming services around there.

It provides access to over 35 million songs across different genres, categories, and artists from all over the world

This app can be easily installed on your LG smart TV, but in some countries, it doesn’t work due to Geo-restrictions.

4. Hulu Plus


Hulu is an American video streaming service, that gives access to premium content direct to Smart TV using an internet connection.

Well as expected, it’s not free and costs around $ 5.99 / month for limited advertisements.

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So if you want to get exclusive content and enjoy ad-free shows then you need to enroll in a premium subscription which will cost you around $11.99/ month.

Hulu Plus also provides a one-month free trial but only to new and returning customers.

5. Fubo TV


This app is not preinstalled, but you can simply download it from the apps store.

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This app is for football lovers, as it mainly focuses on game channels.

6. YouTube


YouTube doesn’t need any introduction, It is one of the most famous videos sharing service on the web today.


Hello Streamers

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Well, you just need to download and install, YouTube app on your LG Smart TV to enjoy watching millions of videos.

However, If you want more personalized results that are based on your previous search results then simply Sign-in to YouTube using your Google account.

You can simply continue with YouTube with ads or you can opt for ad-free YouTube, you will get one month free trial for this.

7. Pandora


Pandora is the one-stop solution for all your music needs.

It offers unlimited access to millions of songs based on your location and network.

So what are you waiting for, just go and download the Pandora music app and listen to favorite tracks in loud and crystal clear sound?

8. TED


If you love to watch inspiring talks by great personalities then don’t forget to install the TED app on your LG Smart TV.

Here you can explore hundreds of videos in over 100 different languages as per your mood and preference.

It even gives you an option to build your own playlist.

9. Crackle


Crackle houses a vast library of uncut movies, It is a free video streaming service owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Moreover, it offers loads of video content and has a really smooth and well -working interface.

10. Vudu


Vudu is an American movie on-demand company owned by Walmart.

It allows users to buy or rent movies so they can manage their TV programs and other paid video content in the same place.

Conclusion: Best LG Smart TV Apps list

Above mentioned list of Best LG Smart TV Apps, are best suited for any smart TVs. Suggest other apps that you use on your LG smart tv in the comment section below.

You can also opt for ESPN Plus if you like to stream sports on your TV. You can easily download it from your TV’s app store and if don’t like it simply just cancel the ESPN Plus subscription.

There many other apps that you can opt for for your LG smart TV like the Philo TV app give it a try if you want.

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