How To Redeem Points On Redbox

Redbox offers points to its customers for renting or buying movies/shows from its platforms, which you can use on its physical kiosk to rent or buy DVD’s for free, to know How To Redeem Points On Redbox, keep on reading.

Redbox offers many such deals to its customers.

You can easily look for them by clicking on the DEAL( dropdown) option.


Redbox offers a Free LIVE TV option and you can also rent or buy movies and shows from it.

If you are new to Redbox, you will get a free one night DVD rental on signing up.

How To Get Points On Redbox

After each transaction at the Box, your receipt will show the estimated points you’ve earned.

Every movie has a different number of points, depending upon the price, popularity, and time of the release of the movie.

After you return your rental and make a successful payment, your points will be added within 24-48 hours.

For On Demand, points move faster – and they’ll be ready right after you make a successful payment.

To know how many points you have gained go to My Account>My Perks.

In the Perks program, your points will expire 12 months from the date of earning them.

The 12 month time period will begin on the date you completed the transaction (not the date the points appear in your account).

On another note, all of your points will expire after 6 months of account inactivity. So, make sure to redeem all your points before the expiration.

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Here are some ways to make sure you stay active:

1. Rent a DVD, Blu-Ray, or 4K UHD Disc.

2. Purchase a movie at the Box

3. Make an On Demand transaction

Also, keep an eye on your available points in My Perks.

How To Redeem Points On Redbox

As I mentioned above that you can use these earned points to buy movies or shows from the physical Redbox kiosk only. These points can’t be used on a virtual platform and have no significance at all.


You can start redeeming free stuff as soon as you have at least 1,500 points.

1. To redeem your points at the Box, just sign in to Redbox Perks and select the Use Points button.

2. You can also go to the Redbox website, or the mobile app, to use points to make an online reservation.

At Redbox you earn different badges, depending upon your activity on this platform.

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Badges are part of the Perks program that can be earned for any activity. Badges are awesome to earn on their own, but Superstars and Legends also get points per earned badge.


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1. Superstars: 50 points per badge

2. Legends: 100 points per badge

Following are the different badges and their benefits on Redbox:-

  1. Member(less than 10 rentals/purchases):- Welcome Offer(Free 1-night DVD rental), Extra Promos(Deals specifically for you), Birthday Gift(reward code in that month).
  2. Star(10-19 Rentals/purchases):- Extra Promos(Deals specifically for you)Birthday Gift(Free 1-night disc rental), Anniversary Gift(50¢ off reward code – 2 per year).
  3. Superstar(20-49 rentals/purchases):- Extra Promos(Deals specifically for you)Birthday Gift(Free 1-night disc rental), Anniversary Gift(50¢ off reward code – 3 per year), Early updates on new releases, Bonus points(2X per year), Pre-rented movies(500 points).
  4. Legend(50+ rentals/purchases):- Extra Promos(Deals specifically for you)Birthday Gift(2 Free 1-night disc rental), Anniversary Gift(50¢ off reward code – 5 per year), Early updates on new releases, Bonus points(3X per year), Pre-rented movies(750 points).

[NOTE:- ‘Disc’ means UHD disc]

You can also earn these points by referring a friend.

Wrapping it up:-

I hope you now understand, How To Redeem Points On Redbox and how to earn them.

Let me know in the comment section, how much you prefer or not Redbox.

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