How to Unlock Windows Laptop With Xiaomi Band 3 And 4

Xiaomi which is also famous with the name Mi is popular for its products, a leader in the electronics and wearable gadgets has recently launched its new fitness bands Mi Band 3(in 2018) and Mi band 4(in 2019) are very popular for its touch controls and color displays respectively. Now, with new updates, you will be able to know How to Unlock Windows Laptop With Xiaomi Band 3 And 4.

With a new laptop unlocking feature, Mi moved one step ahead.

Xiaomi in its new update on Mi Fit Companion App has introduced this feature.

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You all also must have seen this feature in your Mi bands too, if not, update Mi Fit App to the latest version.

Now, to know more about this unlocking feature keep on reading the step-by-step guide below.

How to Unlock Windows Laptop With Xiaomi Band 3 And 4

You first need to change a few things in the Mi Fit app on your android or iOS smartphone and then follow the other steps.

Step-1 Open the Mi Fit app and with the profile section open the settings.

Step-2 Scroll down a bit and open the ‘Lab’ option. Here you will find a toggle option for ‘Unlock Mi Notebook’. Turn it ON.

Now, you are done with the app on your phone, open your laptop for further steps.

Step-3 Open the Microsoft Store and download the Mi Blaze Unlock app.

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Mi Blaze Unlock app is not available in the Microsoft store for India now, so you need to change your region to China, to get access to the app in the Microsoft store.

To do this, just navigate to Settings>Time and Language>Region.


From the country option just change your region to China.

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Step-4 Now go to the Microsoft Store and install ‘Mi Blaze Unlock’ on your device. You are no longer Geo-restricted for this app.

After installation, you can change your region back to your own, and it will not cause any trouble.

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Step-5 To pair up with the device, the Bluetooth setup will be required on your laptop or PC.

Step-6 Pair your fitness tracker, with your Windows laptop over Bluetooth. Tap the Mi Band’s button to complete the pairing process.

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That’s all. You can now unlock your Windows laptop using the Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4.

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The unlocking feature uses Bluetooth. If you are wearing a paired Mi Band on your wrist, your Windows machine will unlock automatically when you are nearby and auto-lock when you get away from the range of it.


This is all about the unlocking feature of Mi band 3and Mi band 4, and How to Unlock Windows Laptop With Xiaomi Band 3 And 4.

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Now, you need not worry about locking your Windows laptop every time when you walk away. Also, you don’t need to enter a PIN code every time you want to unlock it, which is quite hassle-free.

So, try these methods to unlock your device with your Mi Fitness band.

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