How To Connect Roku To TV With Cable Box

The question is quite clear, How To Connect Roku To TV With Cable Box, which means that either you are looking for ways to switch between Cable TV and Roku or looking for an alternate way to connect Roku to your TV, which already has a Cable TV connection.

The main factors are your TV(number of HDMI ports in it) and the type of Roku device you are using.

There may be cases where your TV has only HDMI port, but the cable box you are using has component cables for the connection.

In such case you already have the HDMI port you are looking for, so no issues then.

But, if the cable box uses the single available HDMI port on a TV, then buying an HDMI component adapter is your only option, only if your TV has component (red, white, and yellow) ports.


Having this HDMI component adapter, you can use this on the TV which has no HDMI port at all as well, just by using the component ports(red, white, and yellow).

You just need to follow the steps, as per your situation, like the type of Roku device you are using(Roku stick or Roku Player), number of HDMI ports on the TV.

Most TVs have at least one HDMI port.

Once you have figured out your condition and terms, then begin with this article for the further connection.

So, let’s begin with the connection methods.

How To Connect Roku To TV With Cable Box

[NOTE:- If you have Roku Stick and your TV has no HDMI port at all, you will not be able to use it even after you own the HDMI component adapter, you can only use Roku Player then.]

  • Roku Player — A small box, comes along with several cables.
  • Roku Stick — Looks like a flash drive. Comes with at least one power cable.

If you have Roku Player, then plug one end of the HDMI cable on its back and the other end on the HDMI port of your TV.


If your TV has no HDMI port and you own HDMI component adapter, as mentioned earlier in the article.

Then, put the component cables in the component ports of TV(red, white, and yellow cables in respective color ports) and the other end of the adapter at the back of your Roku Player.

[NOTE:- If your CableBox uses the component cables(red, white, and Yellow) and your TV has no HDMI port then, you cannot use any streaming device on your TV.]

Now, if you own Roku Stick, then plug the HDMI connector at the back of the stick and then, plug the Roku stick on the HDMI port of your TV.


For any Roku device, keep in mind the port number in which you have plugged the Roku device.

I mean, if your TV has, more than one HDMI ports(HDMI1, HDMI2), then make sure of the port number.

After all this, now you have to connect your Roku device to a power source.

The power adapter comes along with the device you just need to connect one end to your Roku device and the other end into a nearby socket(electrical outlet).


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In the case of the Roku stick, it may have a USB power stick, and if your TV has a USB port that is not in use you can plug the USB power cable to your TVs USB port.

And, if no USB port is available, just connect the other end with any nearby socket(electrical outlet).

Power ON TV and device, then using TV remote select HDMI as the source on which the Roku is connected.

To do this, you need to press any of the available buttons for source selection(Input, Video, or Source).

Well, now the Roku’s setup screen is available on your TV screen, so you can begin setting up Roku now.

How To Setup Roku On TV

After all the earlier steps, now Roku is running on your TV. So, follow the following steps to set it up.

  • Use the Roku remote and select your preferred language for the Roku device.
  • Now, for the internet select Scan again to see all networks from remote and select your Wi-Fi from it. In the case of the Roku player, you can directly attach an Ethernet cable(LAN cable) to the layer also.
  • Update to the latest version, if asked for better performance.
  • Now, you need to set up the screen resolution, which you can also do any time by going to Settings>Display Type.
  • If you have a Roku player, it will automatically select the best resolution as per your TV.
  • But in the case of Roku sticks you have to select Set Display Type or Auto Detect Display Type.
  • In the next step, you can select your Roku remote to control your TV if you like.
  • Just select Check Remote Settings, when asked and follow all the steps, or skip directly to the next step.
  • Now, wait for the activation code to appear, once it is available on-screen, from your PC or smartphone visit:- Roku Activation Link.
  • Enter the code flashing on the screen of your TV there and hit Submit.

That is all.

If you already have a Roku account, log in, or just create a new by following the on-screen steps. Once done, you will be able to enjoy Roku right away.

Wrapping it up:-

Well, I hope your queries regarding How To Connect Roku To TV With Cable Box are resolved now. If not, let me know in the comment section below.

You can also suggest any other methods or ways to do it if I missed any here.

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