How To Connect AirPods To Roku TV

Listening privately the content we watch on Roku TV, is something which we all want, and to know How To Connect AirPods To Roku TV is an answer to that.

Not only Apple’s AirPod, but we can also easily connect any headphones to the Roku device too.

Connecting an AirPod to Roku TV is much easier than to connect it to Apple TV.

For this feature to work, you need to install the latest Roku iOS app on your iPhone, which is a prerequisite for this.

After this, the connection of your AirPod to Roku TV is just one tap away.

Yes, that’s right you can easily connect or disconnect your AirPod, just by a single tap on the Roku iOS app.

Not only Airpod, but you can also connect any other earphone/headphone to your Roku.


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How To Connect AirPods To Roku TV

Once you download and install the Roku app on your iPhone, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected with the same WiFi(wireless network) as your Roku device.

This is very important for this feature to work efficiently.

After this, connect your AirPod to your iPhone or iPad and then launch the Roku app on your Apple device.


In this app to turn ON the feature which is known as Private Listening, you need to tap on the Headphone icon.

By doing this, you can easily use AirPods with Roku TV.

To disconnect tap again on the same headphone icon. As you can see in the image.

[NOTE:- To listen to live television with this feature, you need to connect your Roku to aerial.]

If you own other headphones and want to connect headphones to Roku TV then there is a way using Roku remote.

Yes, as you know there is 3.5 mm jack available on Roku remote.

You just need to plug in your wired headphone’s AUX cable in the audio jack of the Roku remote.


So, now either you own wired headphones or wireless like Airpod or any other wireless headphone, you can easily connect it with the Roku TV.

Using this private listening feature is quite easy and interesting, what do you think about it?

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If you face any issue doing that, please let me know in the comment section below.

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