How To Send Facebook Stars While Live Streaming

Hey everyone, well we all have heard about the live streaming on YouTube and how people are using it to get donations, be it a gaming channel or anything else. Well, Facebook also has this live streaming option, and to help its gamer and streamers community with a feature to get donations and tips, it also has a feature called STARS, which has been added together with the Facebook Gaming Creator program. So, to know more about these stars and How To Send Stars While Live Streaming On Facebook keeps on reading.

There is a rise in the live streamers and their audiences on social media, and the cable TV has now declined the number of users.

However, now there is an option available to watch your cable TV content anytime anywhere with WatchTVEverywhere.

But, we are here to discuss more stars first, well these stars nothing much but a type of virtual currency.

A currency which can only be used on Facebook right now, and to serve only one purpose of donations.

Many of has donated to our favorite streamers on YouTube, this is just like that. But, with a minor twist.

In Facebook, you first have to purchase these stars, and then only you can donate it to streamers.

However, there are other ways to send or receive payments on Facebook too, apart from this Facebook Stars.

Here, you will get all your answers regarding Facebook stars, so read it till the end.

You must be thinking about what is the need of buying Facebook stars to donate. Well, I say you need to because there is a slight variation in the prizes of the Facebook stars and actual money.

You can purchase more stars relatively without spending that much actual money.

And, there is also a way of getting and donating free stars, without actually spending a single penny. You will be given 100 stars as a starter pack to send to your favorite streamers.

How To Send Facebook Stars While Live Streaming


To understand this, you need to know other things well too.

The following are a few things you wish to know before spending your money on buying Facebook stars.

How To Get Free Stars On Facebook

Facebook itself offers a free set of 100 stars to donate, without spending a single penny.

But, this may take some of your extra time and attention.

To get your first 100 Facebook stars for free, you need to wait while streaming. There will be a pop up for free 100 stars which you need to get.

On clicking, you will get your first free 100 Facebook stars for free.

How Much Is 100 Star On Facebook

When you run outs of Star, you can purchase Stars from Facebook. You need to understand Facebook stars well enough before you know How To Send Stars On Facebook.

Each star is worth $0.01. There is a conversion list below from which you can see how much is 100 stars on Facebook.

  • 1 Star = $0.01
  • 100 Star = $1
  • 1000 Star = $10
  • 10000 Star = $100
  • 100000 Star = $1000
  • 1000000 Star = $10000

So, for every 10,000 Stars, streamers will get $100 or PHP 5,000.

As you can see these prices are quite affordable, without putting much stress on your wallets you can purchase and donate so much.

How To Buy Stars On Facebook

If you are streaming live gameplay or anything, and wish to donate some money to the streamer. There is an option to buy stars and become a supporter.


You just need to click on BUY STARS, and select the amount you want to spend and purchase the stars, and just donate as much you can.

For becoming a supporter you need to spend some money to purchase a membership. So, by becoming a member you will be in a direct connection with the streamer, and if you want to donate just buy stars and donate.

As highlighted at the bottom of the image shown above, there is an option of “Become a Supporter” right next to Get Stars option.

Also, on the right side of the image, there is an option available to buy stars on Facebook, you can choose the denominations from the options.

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How To Send Stars On Facebook

There are two ways to do this, one directly from the live streaming section, and the second one from your newsfeed.

To send stars directly from the live streaming section, you need to follow the following steps:-

  • Tap the star icon next to Write a comment(as shown in the image above).
  • Your balance of Stars will be displayed in the top left.
  • Drag the slider left or right to select the number of stars you want to send, or type a custom amount and tap Send.
  • Tap Send to send your Stars.

If you want to send stars from your newsfeed, after watching a video for 5 to 10 seconds on your News Feed, you may see a pop-up in the live video.

  1. Tap on a live video from your Newsfeed.
  2. Tap the star icon next to Write a comment.
  3. Your balance of Stars will be displayed in the top left.
  4. Drag the slider left or right to select the number of stars you want to send, or type a custom amount and tap Send.
  5. Tap Send to send your Stars.

This feature gives you the ability to buy and send Stars and leave a comment for the creator.

Why Can’t I Send Stars On Facebook?

This question has been asked by many, and it has a very clear cut answer.

If you are not seeing any star icon next to Write a comment, then it means that the video is not accepting stars.

You need to enroll for this star option, so there are chances that the channel you want to donate stars, not yet enrolled for it.

If you are a creator, and you are not eligible for donations, you need to do the following.

  • Create a Gaming Video Creator Facebook Page.
  • Stream Video gaming content for at least four hours in the last 14 days.
  • Stream Video gaming content on at least two days in the last 14 days.
  • Have at least 100 Page followers
  • Stream from the eligible country.
  • Meet Community Standards and Partner Monetisation Policies.

After following all this, you will be an eligible person to receive stars as donations.

Winding Up:-

I hope you will understand How To Send Facebook Stars While Live Streaming, quite well.

Must Read:

If you are willing to buy Facebook stars, keep in mind all the above points before spending.

Also, if you are a creator or streamer you need to understand, that you have to fit into the criteria that are, make yourself eligible.

Comment down your questions/queries in the comment section below regarding Facebook Stars.

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  1. I cant send stars to gamers who are capable of receiving them. There is no star icon beside my comment box. There’s a supporter badge icon though. What to do pls?

    • Hey Wilbert, thank you for your comment.
      If there are no stars appear besides your comment box, then may be the channel has not enabled the stars option. Check with other gamers, and let me know if you do not see star icon for any gamer.

  2. I have the same issue. I can see the stars icon beside the comment box in my old account but not in my newly created account.

      • Hi, I reinstalled the Facebook app. Still the same issue. Star icon is appearing in my old account but not in my new account.

        • Hey Maria,
          Seems like the issue is from the Facebook end, write an email to them and clarify the issue.They may take more time replying due to shortness in staff due to COVID-19.

  3. I don’t have the stars icon beside the comment box. I know the gamer has them enabled though because other people are sending stars during it

    • Hi Josh,
      This seems like an issue related to your account, please connect with Facebook for the same.



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