How To Upload Album To Soundcloud

Soundcloud is one of the most interesting platforms for both listeners and creators. You can listen to music as well as upload tracks on it, and to know How To Upload Album To Soundcloud just read the complete article.

This is a European online audio distribution platform and music sharing website based in Berlin, Germany.

Soundcloud lets its users upload, promote, and share audio.

Soundcloud claims it has more than 125 million songs on its platform, which is very much as compared to other platforms like it.

Artists on the platform are able to distribute their work for free that can be accessed by all users.

If you use the paid service of Soundcloud as a creator, like Soundcloud Pro or Pro Unlimited, know How To Record A Song On Soundcloud.

You can also easily cancel Soundcloud Account in few simple steps.

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Started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud has grown to be one of the largest music streaming services in the market reaching over 175 million monthly users worldwide.

Soundcloud works best with the latest versions of browsers, so make sure you have updated versions of Chrome or Firefox for uploading purposes.

SoundCloud offers both free and paid membership on the platform, available for desktop or mobile devices.

You can easily use it on your mobile or PC/laptop.

Soundcloud is also working on Xbox 360, you can use it there too.

For an instance, let me ask how do you upload to Soundcloud?

To understand this, make sure of one thing that you have your recorded tracks available on your device.

Uploading on Soundcloud takes some time, and when you are uploading multiple tracks it can take more time.

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Note:- There is some fixed space for free and pro users, to limit the amount and length of file one can upload on Soundcloud.

Soundcloud claims to transcode all the uploaded files with 128 Kbps mp3 for streaming playback, which means as soon as the file gets uploaded it gets available to be streamable on Soundcloud.

How To Upload Album To Soundcloud

The following are the steps to understand how to upload multiple tracks on Soundcloud.

Album is the collection of more than one song, which is the same as multiple tracks.

Some basic requirements for uploading the album to Soundcloud:-

a) Good internet connection, as uploading multiple tracks or an album will require much data.

b) An updated version of the browser of your PC/Laptop.

c) Enough upload space left on your Soundcloud account, as there is a fixed quota for free and pro users.

If you fulfill all the basic aforesaid requirements, you can easily upload an album to Soundcloud.

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Steps To Upload Multiple tracks(Album) On Soundcloud:-

Step-1) Login in to your Soundcloud account from your device.

Step-2) On the top bar, on the left side of your username, there is an option for UPLOAD. Click on it.

Step-3) There will be a new page, where you can either drag and drop your tracks and albums there directly or click on the UPLOAD option and select one or multiple forms the location of the file directly.

While the file is uploading, you can change the title of the track on Soundcloud if you want, or set its availability(public, private, or schedule.

If you are using a smartphone(Android or iOS), try uploading through your browser for example chrome.

1) Open in a desktop mode from the browser, and sign in into your account.

2) Click on stats to check for your previous uploads etc. on Soundcloud, and to keep track of your upload space.

3) Then, click on UPLOAD and select the track from your phone and upload it.

That’s it.

Now your album is uploaded on Soundcloud, you can stream it or let others listen to it by making it public.

Wrapping up:-

I hope now you understand How To Upload Album To Soundcloud, and will be able to do it.

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