How To Cast Philo To Chromecast

Philo TV offers more than 58 conventional TV channels. With the rise in the popularity of this platform, you may have come up with the question that How To Cast Philo To Chromecast.

[UPDATE:- Philo is not compatible with Chromecast anymore, it isn’t compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Samsung Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, and LG Smart TV either. But to cast Philo On your TV using HDMI is listed later in this article.]

Philo TV has now become one of the popular streaming platforms. It was founded by Nick Krasney and Tuan Ho in 2009 and until 2018 it has more than 50k subscribers.

Now as we all know that Chromecast which is the product of Google, is one of the best devices to cast devices on your television.

Smart television now has inbuilt casting facilities in them, so you do not need any external device to cast your smartphone or any other device on the TV.

To get the idea of the Philo app on Chromecast, you must continue reading this till the end.

If you have not created an account on Philo for a free trial, simply just make one, to be ready for casting. Just follow the link below.

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Philo app has no features for casting, like many other streaming apps that offer the casting feature. So, there are other ways to do these things and those are listed below.

How To Cast Philo To Chromecast Using Chrome


By using the google chrome browser you can simply cast your PC on TV and specifically Philo. To do this you just need to follow a few basic steps.

Step-1) You need to visit the official website of Philo and log in with your account details, on the google chrome browser, and keep your Chromecast connected with TV and active.

Step-2) After this, you just need to click on the customize icon( 3 vertical dots) on the top right side of the browser. Under it, there will be an option for ‘cast’. You just need to click on that.


Step-3) After this, it will search for the compatible devices nearby to connect with, you will be able to see the name of your device on the tv screen. Select your device and that’s it.

Step-4) You are now connected, your screen now be cast on the TV screen. Select any video and play it.

There are three cast options, you can choose between them as per your need by clicking on the Sources option.

Cast Tab:- With this you can cast only a particular tab tour TV, it is by-default available.

Cast Desktop:- You can cast your entire display of the laptop/PC screen with this option.

And, Cast File:- In cast file mode you can stream video or audio file. You have to select the file which you want to play on your TV screen.

You can select any of the above cast options as per your choice, as what you want to cast on your TV screen.

Now, there is one more way to cast Philo on Chromecast.

How To Cast Philo To Chromecast Using Google Home App


First of all download the google home app from Playstore, if not yet already. This app is used to control Chromecast devices. Also, make sure of one thing that both of your devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now, just follow the following steps to get this casting done.

Step-1) Open the google home app and click on profile.

Step-2) Now scroll down a little and you will find an option of ‘mirror devices’. Click on it, and on the next screen, click on ‘cast screen/audio’.

Step-3) Now your smartphone will search for the nearby Chromecast, and when you see the name on your smartphone, just click on it to cast the device.

Step-4) Once the connection between both devices has been established, go to the Philo mobile app and select any video, now the video will be cast on your TV set.


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Like Chromecast there are many other casting devices available in the market which are somewhat cheap in comparison to Google Chromecast, you can also opt for them, one thing is sure that they are not much reliable in comparison with google Chromecast, but, if you are looking for an alternative so just go for it.

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The casting procedure in these devices are the same as above, you can download any mirror app from the play store and enjoy a bigger screen for the same content of your smartphone.

Cast Philo Using HDMI

There is also a way without using Chromecast, for this you will need an HDMI cable.

What you need to do is to open the Philo on the web browser of your laptop/PC and connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable.

After this, from your TV remote select HDMI as a source for TV. Now your laptop/PC screen will be shown on your TV.

Just open whatever you want to watch on your TV on your desktop. Using this method you will need not purchase a streaming device like Chromecast etc.

Wrapping Up:

Above mentioned method for How To Cast Philo To Chromecast, are very simple. You can simply follow them, and if you have any queries regarding these methods, simply put them in the comment section below.

This casting method will surely work for your device.

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