10 Best Things To Watch On Starz

Starz, which you’ll often see stylized as STARZ, has been around since the early ’90s and has produced critically acclaimed and popular original series that rival the shows on other premium networks like Showtime and HBO. This list of the best things to watch on Starz is the collection of some of the most popular and demanding content.

If you are not sure whether Starz is worth the monthly subscription, you should decide if its shows are of interest. 

You can always cancel your STARZ subscription anytime you want. So, if you don’t find the contents listed here or on STARZ you can opt for it too.

Here is a list of the best things to watch on Starz. 

10 Best Things To Watch On Starz

Best Current Running Programming-best things to watch on Starz

These series are still running, so you can expect new episodes and seasons. 



Do you like time travel, romance, and a good dose of history? This time travel series centers on Great Britain. It follows a young married World War II nurse who suddenly finds herself in 1743 Scotland. 

There she meets a handsome and charming highland warrior and manages to get herself embroiled in one of the most famous political epochs of British history. 

The good thing about this series is that, even though it is ongoing, there are already five complete seasons to binge on as you wait for the sixth. 

As far as novel series adaptations go, this one is a faithful reproduction of the source. The mix of genres is also an excellent option for those who don’t like to tie themselves to any particular genre.



If you have ever wondered what life might be like for people working at a strip club, then this is the perfect series for you. Based on Pussy Valley, a play by Katori Hall, this gripping drama follows the lives of the various employees at The Pynk, a strip club in Chucalissa, Mississippi. 

Even though P-Valley has just one eight-episode season, drama lovers will appreciate the ensemble cast, various storylines, and true-to-life narrative. 

American Gods


If you thought Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel was a masterpiece, then you’ll enjoy this series of the same name. If you have no idea what novel I’m talking about, you’ll still appreciate this show. 

The series follows the life of Shadow Moon, a man fresh out of prison, as he works as a bodyguard for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday. 

The catch is that Mr. Wednesday and his friends and enemies are gods, and there is a war brewing between the old gods, led by Mr. Wednesday, and the new ones, led by Mr. World.

This two-season show, which enjoys plenty of praise from critics, will appeal to viewers who favor fantasy with lots of surprising twists. 

Dublin Murders


If you like detective series and find British films and TV shows particularly appealing, then you’ll like Dublin Murders. This Dublin Murder Squad book series provides the storylines for this show. 

Set during the late 1990s and early ’00s, the story follows two ambitious detectives as they investigate a pair of strange murders. Even though there’s only one complete season, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat, trying to guess what’s next. More seasons are reportedly in the works.



Hightown is a new Starz series that premiered in May of this year. This crime drama follows a young National Marine Fisheries Service Agent’s life as she battles her own drug addiction, investigates organized crime, crosses paths with a pair of intelligent and ambitious detectives, and witnesses the opioid epidemic in the most unlikely part of the United States. 


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This one certainly requires a bit of focus to keep track of, but the entertainment value is worth it.

In this list of best things to watch on Starz, choose from a total of ten popular and demanding content.

Power: Book II: Ghost


If you loved Power, the original crime drama series, and found yourself wanting more after the finale, then you’ll find this Starz spinoff thrilling.

The series is still young, with just four episodes of the first season released, but it’s already very promising. The early episodes earned plenty of critical praise. 

They follow Tariq immediately after the events of the Power finale. He is trying to get away from his father’s shadow while also caught up in the pressure to save his family. 

The Girlfriend Experience


The Girlfriend Experience is an exciting anthology drama series that follows high-end escorts’ secret lives. 

The first season follows a law student intern who gets drawn to the escort life and the bumpy ride from her unusual career choices. 

The second season follows an entirely different plot with more sophisticated storylines spanning politics, love, and abusive relationships. A third season is reportedly in the works, so there is something to look forward to as you binge on the first two seasons.

Complete Series-best things to watch on Starz

If you want to binge on series without having to wait for a new season, these three recently-finished series are good options on Starz. 



If you thought Power: Book II sounded appealing, but haven’t watched the original Power, then I would recommend you start with it. 

One of the most popular original Starz series, Power is a gripping crime drama spanning five seasons. It follows the story of a successful but remorseful drug dealer trying to get out of the business and turn ‘clean.’ 

But that’s easier said than done, as he has many obstacles in his path, including family disputes and police investigations. Power is one of the highest-rated series on Starz, so it’s guaranteed to be worth the binge.

You should also consider, adding STARZ to Hulu, with this, you can watch all your favorite contents of both the platforms in one place.

Black Sails


Do you like pirates, violence, historical romance, and adventure series? Black Sails checks all those boxes. 

Set on the island of New Providence, it follows various storylines involving lost treasure, betrayal, redemption, and even comedy. You’ll recognize the characters from the classic story Treasure Island, though Black Sails occurs several decades prior.

With four entertainment-packed seasons and an opening sequence and track to die for, you’ll be wishing it didn’t have to end by the time you’ve seen the last episode.

Survivor’s Remorse


We’ll round up this list with something a little different and carefree: a sitcom. Survivor’s Remorse has a lot going for it, not least the fact that LeBron James produces it. 

Apart from that, it has got glowing reviews and has the awards to back up its critical reception. 

This four-season comedy follows the life of a recently signed pro-basketball player who moves his family to Atlanta, Georgia, to start a new life as a professional NBA player. 

Wrapping it up:-

No matter what your interest, there are plenty of great shows to see on STARZ, and it might be worth investing in a subscription

Share your experience with the above-listed contents in the comment section below. Also, mention your favorite shows and streaming platforms here.

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