13 Best Shows On SUNDANCE NOW

Looking for something nice on the service you have subscribed to recently, well following is the list of 13 Best Shows On SUNDANCE NOW.

Go through the following list and I hope you will surely come up with the shows you will love to binge-watch. I have added some of my favorite shows too in the list, so let me know at the end which one you choose to watch.

If you have opted for the free trial of SUNDANCE NOW, you should give them a try one of those before your trial ends.

So, if you are not going to continue the service after the free trial you should check out the ways to cancel SUNDANCE NOW subscription too.

So, without much of another discussion now, let’s just go through the following list of shows and begin binge-watching.


Travel Man


In this travel-oriented show, Richard Ayoade himself travels to different places with different celebrity guests. Basically, this series is a collection of observational humor and interesting personal insights into the stars themselves.

This is a must-watch if you love to travel(who don’t?).

So travel around with the ‘Travel Man’ and get to see different places and food with a touch of laugh and humor.

The Restaurant



The story of love, family, hope, and conflicts. All of this started with a random kiss between the two strangers at the celebration of Kungsgatan at the end of World War II and parting company after that.

A family-run restaurant in Stockholm is shown.

While the story of the show takes place in Stockholm, the series is mostly shot in Gothenburg, including the exterior of the family restaurant.

You will get a lot of drama in this, highly rated on IMDB ‘The Restaurant’ is a must-watch show.



We all love drama and comedy, and ‘Upright’ has a lot of it.

Story of a man Lucky Flynn who just found about his mother, who is dying, and started his journey towards the other side of Australia to see her.

But the journey is not that simple I say, as he met a teenager on his way, and the real drama begins after that.

Give it a try, if you are looking for something different.



Story of two friends Emma and Daniel, who met after a long time in the town Rosehaven.

They both had a different purpose at first, where Dustin is back in town to take over the troubled real estate business of his family, Emma is on run from her marriage.

A fun story to watch them both trying to run this business as they both have their issues of irresponsibility and anxiety.

The Fall


This show will be one of the other best shows on SUNDANCE NOW if you love crime thrillers. This story is about a serial killer terrorizing a city, and making it worse for the Police service of Northern Ireland as they are unable to close the case even after 28 days.

Detective Stella Gibson has been called from the Metropolitan Police service to review the case.

What will be the end, find out by yourself?

Slings & Arrows


This darkly comic series follows the fortunes of a dysfunctional Shakespearean theatre troupe at the fictional New Burbage Festival who are trying to keep their heads above water.

A sudden change in the team as the drunk artistic director has been run over by a ham truck while he was lying on the street and now dead.

Yeah, who dies like that. Well, he stays in the story as a ghost and haunts the new guy in his place.

So, to get the whole idea of the story, just watch the show as the real fun is hard to explain in words.



This will give you a real look at the competitive and unloving side of parenting. Motherland is a sitcom about the trials, tribulations, and trauma, of being a middle-class mother.

This is the best navigation of parenthood while trying to balance professional lives.

This is a good show for all the working parents, as it will make you laugh at some of your own issues and problems while parenting and work.

The Bureau


French spy thriller ‘The Bureau’ follows the daily lives and missions of members of the country’s external security service. This is a story of one of that kind of agent.

Agent code-named “Malotru” who has been undercover in Syria, mysteriously called back to Paris.


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Thie reason could be anything, maybe his own wife who might have secrets of her own that could jeopardize the agent.

The highly rated and popular show ‘The Bureau’ is a must-watch on SUNDANCE NOW.

Photo: A History From Behind The Lens


A must watch documentary if you are in love with the camera and photography.

This documentary explores everything about the development of photography itself, from the beginning to the more recent times.

In these 12 episodes, you will get to know a lot about Photography.

This documentary shows that what may seem like an exercise in objectivity can instead be entirely subjective. Every photograph writes its own story on the page over which it appears.

Mc Mafia


There is no going back from your wrong deeds, and this show shows exactly the same. This is a story of a Russian family who has given up the underworld and now living in Europe.

But the underworld has not given up on them yet, and when it strikes again in their lives, the eldest kid of the family who runs a reputed firm of accounting has to take charge of the situation.

Must give this show a try, it has a lot of suspense, family drama, and thriller and maybe it could be your one the best shows on SUNDANCE NOW.



Falls into genres of documentary, crime, drama, and history, ‘Mayday’ investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why.

Experts analyze various plane crashes with an aim to figure out how these disasters occurred.

All of these disasters shaped the safety and security standards all of this time. Give it a try, as this show is has produced 20 seasons with 229 episodes so far, and very highly rated too.

Raised By Wolves


Do not misunderstand this show with that Sci-Fi show, this is different in all aspects.

Raised By Wolves is a modern-day reimagining of the childhood of Caitlin Moran and her brothers and sisters.

Story of single mom Della lives in a three-bedroom council house with Germaine, Aretha, Yoko, Mariah, Wyatt, and baby Cher.

This is fun to watch the show, and you should give it a try once if you have the subscription.

The Split


The story of ‘The Defoes’, a family of female divorce lawyers.

They all are forced to face their past again as their father returned after 30 years of absence.

How it is going to affect the lives of them, watch ‘The Split’ to find out.

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