How To Add Become A Supporter Button On Facebook

Fan subscriptions are a new way to make money that enables fans to fund their favorite creators by paying a monthly fee. So, as a creator or page owner, you must know How To Add Become A Supporter Button On Facebook, to enable this feature.

This is quite a way for some recurring earnings on Facebook, with fan subscriptions, you can stream with flexibility which helps you customize your content/services you offer to your supporters and the subscription fee.

Yes, you got that right. You need to select the price of the subscription fee.

All the earning you get from here is completely depends upon your service, content and the engagement you get on your content(fan base).


After this, you just need to select the services you are going to offer to your supporters in exchange for the subscription fee they are paying.

This could be anything like supporter-only LIVE videos for feedback etc. or any promotional discounts for the products/services you are offering or for access to the exclusive content on your page.

So, if you got a good fan base for your content/service, you must enable the fan subscription feature, to do this just read the full article and follow all the steps mentioned here.

Eligibility Criteria To Enable Fan Subscription


Yes, to add become a supporter button on Facebook or before moving ahead for the main steps, you much check for eligibility.

There are few things, that you must make sure of(to avoid rejection) before applying for it.

To use the fan subscription feature, your page and content must comply with the following regulations of Facebook:-

  • Fan Funding Creator Terms (know more)
  • Facebook’s Monetization Standards (know more)
  • Apple’s App Store Guidelines For Subscriptions (know more)

There are also some prerequisites for your page, which are mentioned below:-

  • 10,000 followers or 250+ return viewers
  • 50,000 post engagements (last 60 days)
  • 180,000 watch minutes (last 60 days)

The fan subscription feature is available in certain regions, for now, so you must check your page eligibility on Creator Studio> Monetization.

To use fan subscriptions for your gaming streams, you must be part of the Level Up program(know more).

Now, if you are good to go, then move ahead to the next section to add become a supporter button on the Facebook page/ enable fan subscription.

How To Add Become A Supporter Button On Facebook


So, well in this section you will find the method to enable fan subscriptions, as you are already aware of the eligibility and prerequisites.

  1. Go to Creator Studio and Log in.
  2. Choose the Page on which you want to enable subscriptions and click Start setup.
  3. Review and agree to the Terms.
  4. Set up a new Payout Account or select an existing one you have already.
  5. Now, choose the benefits that you’ll offer to your subscribers apart from the Support Badge which will be available by default.
  6. Choose/confirm your fan subscription’s price(can’t be modified once confirmed).
  7. Then click on Save.
  8. Your submission will be reviewed for compliance mentioned above.
  9. If you’re approved you will be prompted to activate the subscription.
  10. Click on Activate Subscriptions all your supporters will be able to subscribe immediately(Become A Supporter/Support Now button will be available)

Setting Up Payout Account

If you have not set up a payout account already you need to do it before you move ahead to the next steps.

This is to get money in your bank account or PayPal once you get any successful subscription.

Required information/documents you should have for this payout account are:-

  • The legal name, address, phone number, and contact email address associated with the Page admin responsible for payouts.
  • A social security number (the US only)
  • An employee identification number (corporation only)
  • Foreign Tax ID Number (non-US only)
  • A bank account or a PayPal account

So, to do it follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. During setting up a fan subscription when prompted, fill in the information regarding your country, business type, legal name, address, phone number, email, and legal information such as your tax identification.
  2. You must upload your tax form(as per your country)
  3. Link your bank account in which you want to receive payments.
  4. You have the option of linking a bank account or a PayPal account.
    • To link a bank account: Submit the bank’s country, routing number/sort code/Swift code, account number, and account holder’s name.
    • To link a PayPal account: submit the account’s country, associated email address, and account holder’s first and last name.

That’s it, you are done, after this move ahead for the steps to enable fan subscriptions.

In case of any issue contact the Facebook team directly and describe your issue.

Things To Know About Fan Subscription Payouts


The percentage of the revenue that you earn is dependent on how supporters pay for fan subscriptions.

For all the transactions made on the web, you’ll receive full (100%) of the price that supporters pay.

Transactions made on a mobile device through Apple (iOS) or Google (Android), you’ll only receive 70% of the price that any of your supporters pay because the mobile provider will take the remaining (30%) of the revenue for in-app purchases.

Note:- Facebook does not take a revenue share starting in August 2020 and for the next year from fan subscription.

You will receive your fan subscription payouts once a month after you cross the minimum balance of USD 100.

Funds are calculated at the end of each month and paid out approximately 30 days later, usually in the first week of the following month.

To view and manage payouts in Creator Studio go to Monetisation > Payout settings.

Note:- The 30 days payout is not applied in Vietnam.

All your earnings will be transferred to the bank account or PayPal you have provided.

If your balance for subscriptions is below USD 100 at the end of a month, it will be carried over to the next month, and once you reach the threshold it will be transferred.


I hope you get all the steps, and now will be able to apply for a fan subscription, once you have applied your application will be in the review.

Here is a little tip, during this period of review. Create your promotional and thank you videos for your subscribers in advance.

These videos are an important part of setting up your page and can help attract more supporters.

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