How To Connect A New Firestick Remote

Pairing a new remote will be quite easy for you when you understand How To Connect A New Firestick Remote. To pair or add up a new remote to your Firestick, you just need to follow the simple steps that are provided here in this article.

The ways to connect remote varies as per the hardware you have, like if your TV set supports HDMI-CEC(Consumer Electronics Control) you can easily set up that kind of remote.

CEC is a feature of HDMI, which is basically to control HDMI controlled devices(many at a time).

So, it means you can control many HDMI devices like a set-top box or a DVD player along with the TV itself, just by using a single remote.

You can also connect new Firestick remote, by pressing the Home button also, so you need not use this CEC feature at all.


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How To Connect A New Firestick Remote


First I will mention the step if your TV is HDMI-CEC compatible, which is quite easy and requires very little effort.

Using TV Remote With HDMI-CEC

The first thing you need to do is to connect your Firestick with the TV using the HDMI port, and power ON your TV.


  • With your TV remote select source as HDMI, so that the TV gets connected with the HDMI port with which Firestick is connected.
  • Go to the Settings section of your TV, and look for the HDMI-CEC option(name varies for different TVs).
  • Once you find the respective settings, enable the HDMI-CEC.

List Of different TVs with different names for HDMI-CEC:-

  1. Samsung:- Anynet+
  2. LG:- SimpLink
  3. Sony:- BRAVIA Sync
  4. VIZIO:- CEC
  5. Philips:- Easy Link
  6. Panasonic:- EZ-Sync, HDAVI Control, or VIERA Link
  7. Hitachi:- HDMI-CEC
  8. Mitsubishi:- Net Command or HDMI
  9. Onkyo:- RIHD(Remote Interactive over HDMI)
  10. Pioneer:- Kuro Link
  11. Sharp:- Aquos Link
  12. Toshiba:- Regza Link or CE-Link
  13. Runco International:- RuncoLink

That’s it, you will now be able to control the Firestick using your TV remote only, and you don’t require a new remote at all.

But, if not then move to the next option below.

How To Add New Firestick Remote

Well, this method is quite simple, but you also have to pay for the new remote first, and if you have already had a new one so just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Using the HDMI port of your TV, connect the Firestick with it.
  • Now, with your TV remote, press the Source button, and select the HDMI port with which Firestick is connected.
  • Now, with your new remote now, face it toward the TV and Firestick and press and hold the Home button for some time ( say10-15 seconds).
  • Wait until you see a flashing message “New Remote Connected”.

Repeat this method of pressing the Home button, if it does not connect the first time. Try moving the new remote closer and far away from the Firestick a few times.


The methods mentioned above will surely give you a solution for How To Connect A New Firestick Remote, but if in any of the methods you face any issue just mention it in the comment section below.

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