How To Stream Redbox On Demand

Redbox is an online streaming service platform like many others, but what makes it different is that you can also rent a DVD from its kiosk also. It lets you play movies and TV  shows online, on-demand, so to know How To Stream Redbox On Demand, keep on reading.

Renting movies from DVD kiosks is also done by Netflix, but at the basic level, they both work differently.

Redbox doesn’t require a subscription to stream. You pay only for what you select to stream.

Redbox has also started a free LIVE TV option too.

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You can watch many popular channels like TMZ, USA Today, etc.

LIVE TV is now available with around 30 channels which include movies and TV episodes.


This includes three exclusive Redbox branded channels:-

  1. Redbox Spotlight:- It has the most selected channels of most popular and demanding titles.
  2. Rush:- For action and adventure lovers.
  3. Redbox Comedy:- To serve the purpose of comedy lovers.

Redbox CEO, Galen Smith said,

  • “The expansion of Redbox into live streaming television builds on the company’s commitment to being the go-to entertainment destination for consumers wanting choice and amazing value. With Free Live TV, we’re now offering an unparalleled level of content choice through our kiosks, on-demand and now free streaming,” 
  • “We know what consumers want to watch and Free Live TV expands the ability to reach consumers and tap into the growing OTT market.”

For LIVE TV, just open the app and click on ‘Free LIVE TV’.(No Sign-in required)

Redbox On Demand: Plans, Pricing, and Compatible Devices.

Redbox On Demand is a video streaming platform from where you can buy and rent movies and TV shows. Movies and shows are starting from $2.

Browse through categories of genres and select as per your choice.

You can also find movies with specific rating options like G, PG, and PG-13.

There are lists of devices on which you can enjoy movies and shows of Redbox, which are:-

  • Smart TVs:- VIZIO, Android TV, LG, Samsung
  • TV Streaming Devices:- Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku
  • Computers:- Windows, Mac, Chromebook
  • Smart Phones & Tablets:- iPhone and iPad(10X and higher), Android Smartphones and Tablets( 5.0 Lollipop and higher)

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There aren’t any subscription options that can either be a good or bad thing about Redbox as per the different users. Let me know, what do you feel about this, in the comment section below.

You pay for each movie, TV show season, or TV show episode that you want to pay for.

But, there is one thing for sure, that you don’t have to pay heavy subscription fees for a month, even for the time you are not watching anything.

Pay only when you are available and only for what you like.

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As per the content, you will find most of the content similar to other streaming services.

Purchase the title you want and with its offline playback feature watch it later.


Hello Streamers

Do You Know these facts about the potential dangers of streaming online : 1. The risk of your IP revelation. 2. Your ISP has all your browsing data and it is now legal to sell this type of information to third parties. The only way to protect your viewing and identity in the 3 above scenarios is by using a VPN. Check out these most popular VPNs that will help you with this:- a) Express VPN b) Ivacy VPN

There is also a 10-minutes preview option available so that you can easily decide before paying for any movie or TV show.

How To Stream Redbox On Demand

The process is very simple, just follow the following steps.

  • Visit Redbox, and click on On-Demand and login into your Redbox account.
  • Select your movie or show you want to rent or buy.
  • On the selected movie page you will see many options like Rent DVD, Rent Blue-Ray, etc.


  • Click on Rent On Demand or Buy On Demand as per your choice.
  • Choose HD or SD ( HD is costlier of course).


  • Make the payment and that’s it.
  • Visit My Library, here you will have all your rented and bought movies and shows.

[NOTE:- If you have opted for rent you will have 30 days to watch, once you started watching it will immediately start the 48-hour window you have to watch it. ]

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[NOTE:- If you are buying a show, you have the option to buy the whole season in one go.]

Redbox also offers you On-Demand points, which you can only use on the kiosk to buy DVD etc.

Also, Redbox On Demand partners with DoorDash, Slice Pizza, and Chuck E. Cheese to combine dinner and movies for a night in.

[NOTE:- Methods for other devices are is same as the above method, once you reach on movie/show option will be the same.]

Wrapping it up:-

I hope you have found this article useful, and now know, How To Stream Redbox On Demand. Buying, renting movies, and shows on Redbox is really easy.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.

Also, comment on any suggestions, facts, etc. regarding Redbox On Demand.

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