Why Does It Say “This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger”- How To Fix?

Facebook has 2.85 Billion users worldwide, and everyone must have used their messaging service Messenger. It is quite a popular and interesting application with many great features just like other messaging services like WhatsApp and Skype etc. But, as per this error, many users get confused and annoyed few times. So, here in this article, we will get to know Why Does It Say “This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger” and How to Fix it too.

When you get this error on any of the profiles you were communicating with, it simply means you can no longer connect with them on Messenger.

There can be many reasons for this, and to fix them you first need to understand it first. The main reason for this error may vary from user to user and you need to have a proper understanding of it.

Why Does It Say “This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger”?


The exact meaning of these errors is that the person you are trying to communicate on Messenger is simply not available on this service anymore.

However, the reason behind this may not exactly the same as the meaning suggests.

So, the following are some of the examples listed, which may be one of the reasons due to which you are facing this issue on Messenger.

  1. The user is not using this application/service, as they may not have installed them on their devices.
  2. That person has deactivated his/her Facebook account. So, in accordance with this, they are not available on Messenger too.
  3. Facebook team has suspended or disabled the account. This may happen if the account holder violates Facebook regulations.
  4. The user may have set the privacy to any calls or texts.
  5. The user has deleted their Facebook account.
  6. And, the last possible reason could be that the user may have blocked you on Facebook.

In all of the listed reasons above, you get this error on Facebook/Messenger. So, whatever may be the reason it will not be possible for you to connect with them on Messenger.

For most of the reasons listed above, you cannot do much, as if the user is not available on Facebook or may have blocked you. But not in the case if there is some technical glitch on the application itself.

So, for the query How To Fix “This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger”, you can try few things. In case it doesn’t work, it is then clear that you can no longer connect with them on Facebook Messenger.

Final Thoughts…

As per the reasons discussed in this article, it is quite clear now that Why Does It Say “This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger”. If there are any other reasons due to which one may get this, please share them in the comment section.

You can try few things, to make sure that this is not some technical glitch or something.

On getting this error on Messenger, to make it clear try opening that profile with another account or ask your friends to open it. If it is accessible from there it means the user has blocked you.

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And, in such cases where you get the same message from different accounts, it clearly indicates that the user is no longer has access to that account.

You may try clearing the cache of your application or also try reinstalling it on your device. But only if you are able to message them through the web browser and getting this message on your smartphone.

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